Youth LEAP with Children’s Aid Society is a Wrap!

Our summer Youth LEAP group ended with a celebration of their success at the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Appreciation Ceremony on August 7th. This marked the third summer RAP has partnered with the motivated young people of the Children’s Aid Society network.

The Youth LEAPers created an anti-bullying campaign centered around the theme #DefeatTheCycle. They created an Instagram under the name @BullyOutstanders, where they have started sharing resources and motivational messages with other young people struggling with this issue.

“I was shocked, we had over 100 followers in just one weekend!” said Youth LEAPer Joel Torres. He also spoke of how it felt to have peers reaching out for help. “I would get direct messages from people saying, ‘my friend is being bullied and thinking of hurting himself’… It shows that there was a need for this, that kids needed somewhere to reach out.”

The group also created informational one-pagers to hand out to their peers as well as designed a sticker that represents their campaign. “This isn’t just a sticker, but a promise, to end bullying now,” said youth leader Derrick Cox at the ceremony.

If you’d like to continue to follow these young teen advocates and their campaign, check out their Instagram page HERE and get in contact with us to get a copy of their stickers!