Youth Leaders Testify on College Access

RAP’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) took their campaign push for #FreeSATPrep to the #DegreesNYC Community Hearing last week.

The hearing, hosted at the Goddard Riverside Community Center, was an opportunity for stakeholders from throughout the city to share their experiences around issues of college readiness and equity. Machiami Kamara, a YLC leader from Validus Preparatory Academy in the Bronx, spoke on behalf of YLC and shared why they think this is such an important issue:

“As of March of this year, all high school students in New York City can take the SAT for free during the school day. We see this as an important first step in removing barriers to educational equity because it is sure to give more high school students the chance to get in the door to college. Cost and timing are two of the biggest barriers keeping underprivileged youth from SAT success and these opportunities help eliminate them. New York City’s willingness to remove these barriers to taking the test itself present a great opportunity for the City to build on its investment to young people by providing free test prep for all NYC high school students.”

Machiami was joined by speakers from other organizations working on educational equity in NYC, including College Access: Research and Action NYC, Let’s Get Ready, and CUNY ASAP, among others. Check out the video and transcript of Machiami’s testimony here!