Young Fatherhood Initiative is starting up again!

RAP is excited to launch year 2 of the Young Fatherhood Initiative! YFI is a dynamic leadership and advocacy program that trains dedicated and passionate young fathers who are all under the age of 24 who been what we call “system-involved” residing in low-income, “high risk” communities. The curriculum was designed by RAP in partnership with Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT). It focuses on both concrete legal topics as well as advocacy skill development. Participants are challenged to critically analyze and discuss the intersectionalities of power and privilege, race, gender, and class with fatherhood, masculinity, criminal justice involvement, poverty, and more specifically the laws around child support.

Our first year was wildly successful! Our guys facifilited engaging workshops and help desks throughout NYC educating diverse audiences around child support. Through these impactful efforts, a dynamic partnership was developed with the Development of Youth and Community Development (DYCD). This partnership facilitated paid internship opportunities for each father! They were also chosen by the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement to participate in a digital storytelling series documenting their experiences in fatherhood! The video montage has been memorialized as part of a developing fatherhood curriculum at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. You can check them out and meet the guys from the last year (Coley, Calvin, Kvon, and Tony) here on Youtube.

What a journey! So here’s to another year of growth, opportunities, and lots of fun! Welcome to YFI guys!