Why I Give Time to RAP

Without a doubt, the Resilience Advocacy Project is a truly influential and supportive organization that has changed me in more ways than one. Since I first joined RAP in early 2013, I have noticed that my budding passion to become a community activist has grown tremendously. I have discovered that I am amongst the young people who have the capability to promote positive social change in our society. I have learned how to be able to voice my opinions regarding the various problems that plague the young people of New York City and work towards resolutions for them. The very essence of RAP is to bring widespread awareness and to try to put an end to the injustices and poverty that affects so many in this city.

Within the span of nearly two years, I have achieved huge intellectual gains. I transformed from an inquisitive adolescent who didn’t have an inkling regarding the ways in which to address prominent issues like school safety or education reform to a quite experienced young adult with a well-versed scope of knowledge on important matters that affect the youth.

I have had the chance to partake in various engaging activities such as contributing to the making of New York City’s first ever youth-led mayoral debate, holding policy briefings with politicians, developing and serving as a moderator for the “Solutions not Suspensions” education forum, and serving as a youth member of RAP’s Board of Directors for a year to help the organization comply with its mission and goals.

I love to give time to RAP to be able to help aid its growth and development just as it has done so for me. I have become the politically aware and socially active young woman I am today largely due to all of the invaluable experiences and rewards RAP has provided thus far. RAP is the gift that just keeps on giving!


Guest Post by Hurmat Hashmi, Youth Representative on RAP’s Board of Directors



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