Welcoming Patricia!

Helping us Expand

Patricia joins us this summer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studies American Studies and Social & Economic Justice. She completed her most recent semester at King’s College London, where she studied Urban Geography, researching the ways in which space and place, especially in the context of low income housing, impact broader social and political processes. Patricia has previously worked as the Development and Communications Intern at Day One NY, which supports youth in the fight to end relationship violence through education and legal advocacy. She believes very passionately that positive social action begins at a community level, and was drawn to RAP’s community-focused mission and belief in the incredible power and creativity of young people.

Patricia’s interest in social justice was sparked when she was young, in the wake of leaving her home of New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Katrina. She began to notice how closely racial privilege was tied to access to resources and assistance during the process of rebuilding, and was shocked to witness the injustices taking place in the period of reconstruction. From that time, she began to engage critically, through her academic and activist work, with issues of inequality and injustice. She hopes to be use her own privilege to amplify the voices of others and to be an advocate for social change. This summer at RAP, Patricia is excited to look into the ways in which RAP may be able to expand its impact to a national level using innovative technology and a comprehensive model for expansion.