Support RAP’s Power of 10!


Join RAP’s Power of 10 Campaign – show the power of a small investment ($10) to change the world!

We know you care deeply for New York City’s youth leaders in the fight against poverty – this December, to celebrate RAP’s 10-year anniversary and lay the groundwork for 10 more years of success, you can amplify your impact by the Power of Ten!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 10 days from 100 donors to deliver our nationally recognized youth leadership programming to four of the city’s most under-resourced communities that cannot afford them otherwise. RAP gives teens the tools, training and support to address real social issues impacting them and their peers. Join us as a fundraiser by donating $10 and inviting 10 of your friends to join you!

This year, RAP youth leaders have delivered consent kits to teen health centers, developed strategic partnerships to increase access to college, trained their peers on legal rights and so much more!

By joining the Power of 10 Campaign, you join an amazing community of adults that know underestimated low-income youth can be leaders of positive social change – and are committed to making it happen! And you don’t have to give to show your support – if donating is not possible right now, amplifying our work within your networks across social media and beyond would mean the world! Give to any of our team leaders at one of the links below:

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Thank you for your support!