Summer 2014 Program Partner Recruitment

There’s still time to sign up for RAP programs this summer! The Resilience Advocacy Project is recruiting organizational partners for our summer GO Girls and Youth LEAP programs!

GO Girls is a youth leadership program that trains high school-age girls to become peer and community health advocates.  Through a 10-session curriculum focused on leadership development and health education, the girls develop essential critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills.  They use what they learn to develop a project that educates their peers and makes the city’s health policies better for vulnerable girls!

Youth LEAP is RAP’s five session youth leadership and peer advocacy training program for high school-age students.  Youth LEAP trains teens to become peer advocates with the skills to educate and support youth in their communities about issues of importance in their lives.  Past groups have learned about Stop-and-Frisk, dating violence, bullying, and more!  Youth LEAP workshops culminate in a peer advocacy project designed to pass on new skills and information to other students in their communities.

Both programs are run by trained volunteers, and are free of charge to you! Summer programming will begin in July. If you are interested in bringing our programs to your school or organization, please contact RAP’s Program Director, Elisa Kaplan, at or 646-873-7669.


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