Shyam: Always Looking for Exciting Challenges

shyam- SmallShyam Palaiyanur, a third-year law student at Columbia University, is another of RAP’s dedicated Youth LEAP volunteers. He facilitates sessions at Covenant House in Manhattan focused on addressing bullying.

Shyam finds volunteering a rewarding experience. It exposes him to exciting opportunities and to meeting new and interesting people. Additionally, he was pleased to see how hard the teens in his group worked to complete their poster campaign, passionately discussing various forms of bullying and harassment and including the voices of each member in the group to make sure everyone was happy with the final result. Working with youth who are committed to their project sharing information with other youth about important social issues was gratifying for him.

In addition to volunteering with RAP, Shyam also does pro bono work for Manhattan Legal Services, which offers free legal representation to low-income New Yorkers. Volunteering is his way of giving back to the community and getting involved with exciting challenges and new experiences.


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