Samantha: Making a Difference


Samantha Perlstein, a freshman at Barnard College majoring in Human Rights and Psychology, is a RAP volunteer for the Youth LEAP program. She facilitates weekly sessions at Chelsea High School on dating violence.

Samantha is enthused about her work with RAP. While she was initially worried that meeting with her group once a week wasn’t enough time to have an impact, she now feels her involvement has made a difference. She has seen how her group has gained the vocabulary and confidence to speak out about relationship abuse, an issue they previously did not know much about.

Over the course of the program, she has seen her students growing as individuals. Samantha loves seeing her class excited about their project. When the students worked on an Instagram campaign highlighting the various forms of dating violence and the ways in which students can get help, they took tons of pictures acting out scenes of what a healthy relationship should look like.  Samantha was pleased when all their hard work paid off.


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