Reshma Pattni Joins the RAP Team!

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Hello RAP community!

My name is Reshma Pattni, and I recently joined the RAP team as Director of Operations. I am excited to be part of such an incredible organization and connected with so many great youth in New York City! I have a long history of involvement in youth leadership and social justice work, and truly understand the incredible power that informed and engaged young people have to build a more just and inclusive world.

I was a founding member, and served on the Board of Directors, of Girls International Forum, a non‐profit organization that works to inspire and empower girls to be active globally in changing policies that affect them. More recently, I worked with a number of youth-led and youth-serving organizations in New York. As a Program Coordinator at iMentor, I connected high school students in underserved areas of NYC to mentors who shared their interests. I went on to serve as Program Director at the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA), a youth-led, global network focused on providing young people with the skills, knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to scale up HIV and AIDS interventions in their communities and amongst their peers. Through my work at GYCA, I was able to leverage the organizational clout to identify young leaders and ensure they were at the table during important policy discussions at the national, regional, and global levels.

I have also been fortunate to work with a number of human rights and justice-oriented organizations including the Vera Institute of Justice, the HIV Young Leaders FundBreakthrough, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. These experiences have given me insights into the crucial role young leaders play in crafting and supporting the implementation of effective policies here in New York and globally. Spending time working with young people around the world, I’ve developed my passion for guiding youth towards taking an active role in changing their communities and the world. I look forward to continuing this work at RAP!


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