RAP Takes on Girls Health Justice

RAP_Logo_175x175_croppedRAP is diving into its new Girls Health Justice work with a study investigating the barriers to health care for girls and young women involved in the sex trade in New York City. We are producing a series of reports that will discuss at least four major barriers to health care, including trafficker abuse, access to health insurance, confidentiality regulations, and institutional barriers. In addition to a literature review, the research will include surveys of adolescent females in New York and interviews with service providers and agencies those who have contact with adolescent females engaged in the sex trade. We are particularly excited about this groundbreaking research because it maps how a myriad of youth-related systems in New York intersect to support – or sometimes undermine — at-risk girls.

If you want to get involved or learn more about this project please email our Girls Health Justice Fellow, Rebecca Iwerks at iwerks@resiliencelaw.org.



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