RAP Fall Program Offerings

RAP is excited to announce expanded program offerings for the 2014-2015 school year! This year we will be launching Social Justice Training and Education Program (STEP), a 5-week program that will educates young people about critical social justice issues such as Stop & Frisk, relationship violence, bullying, and more, and gives teens the tools to take action in their communities.


Also on the menu for the many young women in our communities is our Girls Gearing up for Greatness (G3) workshop, which we launched this past summer. In G3 girls explore issues of identity, personal and community strength, and community activism. We are increasing access to our G3 workshops, adding the option to host the workshop on a Saturday!


As always, all of RAP’s program offerings are available on site for any interested organizations! Please contact our Director of Programs Elisa Kaplan at [email protected] or 646-873-7669.


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