RAP and Credit Suisse Volunteers Pair Up to Offer College Training to Teens

sarah at credit suisse septFor six high school students, the search for answers to age-old questions about college and life beyond high school continued last month at a half-day workshop with volunteers from Credit Suisse financial services company who helped the students lay out the roadmaps that best fit their goals, interests, and pocketbooks.
RAP and Credit Suisse  jointly sponsored the  workshop Exploring College & Beyond as part of their ongoing partnership to  mentor and empower young New Yorkers.
“Some of them were clear about what they want out of college but others were not sure,” said RAP’s Director of Programs Elisa Kaplan, who moderated the discussions. The students mulled over questions like “What activities are you interested in?”  and “How do you pay for college?” as the volunteers discussed the different types of schools (community v university,  state v private, online v on site), courses (certificate v associate v bachelor), what to expect from them, how to apply for FAFSA, what kind of personal essay will get attention, and many more topics. RAP consultant Darcy Richie facilitated one of the workshops.


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