Partner Spotlight: NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

RAP is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation! RAP is offering our Youth LEAP program at two NYC Parks sites this semester, one at the Chelsea Recreation Center and the second at the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center on the Lower East Side. The Hamilton Fish group has selected sexual health as their focus, while the Chelsea group is working on the pervasive issue of bullying. Both groups have been meeting since early October and are now hard at work planning their Community Impact Projects. Zac Rudge, RecYouth Coordinator for NYC Parks and Recreation Computer Resource Center Program, has been instrumental in establishing the partnership and is excited about offering this opportunity to their youth. RAP caught up with Zac to hear his thoughts about the collaboration so far.


RAP: What are you hoping students who participate in RecYouth Programs will get out of working with RAP this semester?

Zac: The RecYouth program is about supporting young people to develop their skills, understanding, and confidence through digital media education. The RAP program brings a new slant to this, offering young people an opportunity to analyze issues that exist in their own lives and to take action on these. I look forward to seeing the outcomes, and hope that along the way participants find new inspiration and feel supported to be active!


RAP: What is your impression of how the groups are progressing so far?

Zac: I am really impressed with the groups so far. The facilitators have been doing a great job, and I am very interested to see how our RecYouth coordinators might be able to learn from the RAP model to incorporate elements into our own program. Beyond how the program has been run, it has been great to hear or all the amazing ideas that participants have been coming up with for their Impact Projects. I look forward to seeing them in action!


We look forward to seeing the groups’ Community Impact Projects in action soon!


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