Leah: Finds Joy Working with Kids

leah mainLeah Norod of Brooklyn Law School is a Youth LEAP volunteer at Broome Street Academy where she facilitates discussions on dating violence and how to advocate for women and girls in abusive relationships.

A first-time volunteer, Leah said working with RAP allowed her to gain practical experience on how to navigate the legal process and put her burgeoning legal knowledge to good use. This first-year law student also found that she enjoys working with children. Her favorite part about working with the students is getting to know each one of them individually. “They all have something that makes them interesting and special,” said Leah.  She finds it gratifying to get to know each student individually, to see them open up and share stories about themselves.

Leah noted how the kids in her class love to make posters to go with their peer education workshops. For example, they created posters to share the information they learned about getting an Order of Protection and statistics on incidents of dating violence among teenagers. Leah was delighted to hear the kids excitedly yell out information they had learned and wanted to share with other students. Enjoying her experience working with kids, Leah is planning to continue volunteering in the future.


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