Jill: Meeting Youth with Ideas and Passion

Jill RudgeJill Rudge, a first year law student at Brooklyn Law School, currently volunteers as a facilitator for RAP’s Youth LEAP program focused on sexual health and rights for a weekly group at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice.

Jill first joined the RAP family in the fall of 2013 when she facilitated a GO Girls group in partnership with Groundwork for Success in East New York. She was introduced to RAP at the Brooklyn Law School volunteer fair early in the fall, and was drawn to our unique advocacy approach that allowed her to combine empowerment lawyering and community development. She particularly valued how RAP supports volunteers to practice facilitation with youth, and partners co-facilitators with different but complementary interests and backgrounds.

In working with youth groups, her eyes were opened to the knowledge, creativity, and passion that her group brought to working on social justice issues. During one session, the students were discussing sexual and relationship-based violence when she noticed how the girls expressed different opinions but were incredibly respectful to each other as they searched for a common point of agreement. Jill realized what a solid group of young people she had in the program, and how useful RAP’s curriculum was in facilitating conversations about delicate topics.

“I love our group’s candor and dedication,” she said, adding how she enjoys learning from her group of enthusiastic young people. Being a volunteer with Youth LEAP reminds her of why she is in law school in the first place, to support communities, to support social change.


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