What We Do

The Resilience Advocacy Project works to empower youth to become leaders in the fight against poverty. We combine innovative youth leadership training programs with targeted advocacy initiatives to support youth in becoming catalysts for change in their communities. We use what we learn from our on-the-ground work to advocate for improvements in youth and poverty-related laws, policies and government systems.

Empowering Youth Leaders

RAP trains teens to become social justice leaders in their communities. Through partnerships with schools and community-based organizations, youth learn to design and launch solutions to real-world problems in their communities.

RAP runs youth leadership and peer advocacy training programs that train youth to identify social justice issues they are passionate about and to tackle these social justice issues through the design and launch of original Community Impact Projects that create concrete positive change in their communities. We work with underserved groups of youth and focus on a range of social justice issues including: relationship violence, school discipline, sexual and mental health, access to higher education, bullying, and stop and frisk.

YouthVoiceNYC is RAP’s youth-led organizing initiative that trains youth to identify and develop citywide organizing campaigns focused on critical social issues affecting low-income youth in NYC like school discipline policies, stop & frisk, and food justice. Through a combination of youth organizing and community education, RAP’s youth leaders mobilize other teens to  get involved in pushing for concrete system-level change.Learn about their work and support their current campaign on educational equity at www.youthvoicenyc.org.



Improving Laws, Policies and Systems

RAP works to drive positive changes in youth and anti-poverty laws and policies. We produce cutting-edge policy briefs and reports, provide public testimony, work with legislators, and directly involve youth in research and advocacy initiatives around issues impacting their lives.’


Contact Director of Programs Elisa Kaplan if you’d like to get involved, or join the cause and donate!