The impact of our youth-led social change movement is seen through its influence on both the teens and the public policies that shape their lives.


RAP has transformed hundreds of teens into confident, powerful catalysts for change in their communities. At the same time, we have helped these young people develop life-long problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership skills.

“The feeling that arose within my heart from working with the city’s first-ever Youth-Led Mayoral Debate was indescribable… I felt involved and able to form my own opinions because I knew the candidates, their policies, their views, and their agenda for the city. You could say that I felt like an adult ready to vote. But in reality it’s even better because I’m an informed teen.”
– Kahalia

For more information about our impact on youth, please read our 2012 Impact Report. To bring RAP to your school or community, email our Director of Programs Elisa Kaplan at



RAP’s programs maximize the ability of communities and community institutions to strengthen and empower young people in poverty. We have partnered with youth, schools and organizations in dozens of communities throughout the city.

“The Resilience Advocacy Project has made an enormous impact in my life. My work with RAP has made me a stronger, more compassionate person. It has taught me that I can exceed my own expectations and develop my own ideologies. They made me feel that my voice is important, and that no matter what happens no one can silence it. This knowledge has helped me develop confidence in my work and in who I am as a person.” — Sarah

For more information about our impact on public policies, visit our policy page.



Drawing on our work with youth, we have created new laws, improved youth and poverty legislation, and made government systems more inclusive of, and responsive to youth in low-income communities.

For more information about our impact on public policies, visit our policy page.