GO Girls Video Explores Teen Pregnancy in East New York

go girlsOne of RAP’s GO Girls groups has released a video that explores the issue of teen pregnancy in East New York, and youth perspectives on how to improve sex education in this Brooklyn neighborhood.

The 8-minute video, Information Overload, was put together by GO Girls participants from Good Shepherd Services’s Groundwork for Success program. They met once a week, from September to December 2013 to discuss health justice issues that affect girls in their community. The video sought to shed light on why sex education classes in East New York are ineffective, and why, despite the plethora of information on how to use condoms, teen pregnancy remained high among black and Latino students.

The idea for the video came from the girls as they were brainstorming possible themes for their end-of-program project. Group facilitators Alexandria Todd and Jill Coen noticed that the girls kept talking about the fact that the amount of sexual education in public schools didn’t seem to be reducing the teen pregnancy and STD rates in their community. The group wrote the script and created the graphics for the videos, and debuted it at our event.

To view the video, check out this link on Facebook.


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