Exploring College Workshop with Credit Suisse

In early October, 11 mentors from Credit Suisse joined a group of RAP’s youth leaders for an evening workshop entitled Exploring College and Beyond. Participants began by learning the basics of the college process – what they need to know about different types of higher education, key factors in deciding on a college, and how to make sure they are on track to be eligible for the college of their choice. The mentors worked with the youth on developing their individual paths, sharing their experience and expertise. Maia Almendral from New York Needs You led the next section of the workshop focused on financing for college – from the basics of budgeting to exploring scholarships available. Mentor pairs worked together to come up with individual plans for next steps in their college planning and financing. Students left with a packet of resources to use in their college exploration, and great new relationships with the mentors.


Thanks to our partners at New York Needs You for the eye-opening presentation on financing for college, and to Darcy Richie for her informative overview of college options! A special thanks to all the Credit Suisse employees who participated, and in particular, to Lakisha Burke who coordinated their involvement!



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