Caleb: A Passion for Teaching and Volunteering

calebCaleb Lowery, a current Columbia law student, joined RAP as a volunteer this January.  Working with our Youth LEAP program at the Urban Assembly School of Law and Justice in Brooklyn, he facilitates a group of teen girls as they learn about sexual health justice and how to advocate for other girls in their communities. In leading this program, Caleb said he is given the opportunity to have a closer connection with young people who talk to him about issues that play a big role in their lives. He appreciates being able to be a resource for his group as they navigate a difficult period in their lives.

Volunteering is nothing new to Caleb, a first-year law student.  He is currently doing pro bono work for Legal Outreach’s Mentoring Youth in Legal Education, a program where he coaches students in constitutional debate.  He is also involved with the Suspension Representation Project that advocates for students in suspension hearings and helps them to mitigate the damage that a suspension can do to their academic performance.

Pursuing law out of a desire to help people, Caleb is especially drawn to advocacy work that focuses on vulnerable children. He believes youth who find themselves in tough spots often become confused, and that’s when they need help the most. Youth LEAP provides him the opportunity to teach and to find joy in the opportunity to help.


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