Welcome RAP 2016 Summer Interns!

We are excited to welcome our 2016 Summer Interns to the RAP team! Read all about them below, and keep an eye out for updates about their work over the next couple months.


Maria, Julia, Paulette NewsletterJulian Keuzenkamp, Operations and Management Intern

Julian comes from across the big pond and has a degree in developmental psychology from UCL and Yale. He since worked as a consultant for a mental health start-up creating a platform for young people facing mental health issues. What brought him to RAP is his belief that empowering young people – and creating a climate in which their input is welcome –  is crucial for an equal, open and just society. He is looking forward to learn more about the way young people in NYC inspire their communities and peers to create change.

Maria Santana, Program Intern

Maria Santana comes from a strong Dominican background, which has always encouraged her and her older brother to overcome challenges and face adversity. Her past experiences have motivated her to take on leadership roles that allow her to be an inspiration to those who seek change, council those who need direction, and help those who cannot help themselves.  She uses her personal experiences and advice from those around her to make the best decisions possible for everyone involved. Maria believes this is an essential part of being a leader, and it’s something she constantly works on improving.

In high school, Maria was the student body president, class president, a peer mentor, a youth Amerigroup, and a Sunday school teacher, which has prepared her for opportunities such as this one. Her involvement in leadership roles has helped her develop skills such as effective communication, time management, interpersonal skills, and entrepreneurship.  As a Fellow with America Needs You, she hopes to continue improving these skills and gain others that will improve her professionalism.

Maria is currently attending the City College of New York as an applied mathematics major, and as a sophomore, she is proud to have served as the treasurer of the Dominican Student Association, and now is a senator of the Undergraduate Student Government. She aspires to work in the non-for profit sector, specifically in college access for minority students, because of the potential leadership opportunities within the community, which will allow her to give back and help others.

Paulette Marte, Program Intern

Hailing from the Bronx, Paulette attends New York University majoring in History and Politics on the pre-law track. Ever since she can remember, she has envisioned herself as a civil rights/liberties attorney. As an attorney, she would like to improve the lives, through policy writing and law making, of Latino and Black people who face daily systemic racial profiling.  Short term, she understands that majoring in History would provide the foundation necessary for her to be able to understand and interpret the past in order to affect a better future. Paulette works in the Helen & Martin Kimmel Center for University Life. There she helps coordinate and market events for NYU clubs.  As a World Changers mentor, she is guiding a high school student in the torturous and never-ending college admissions process. During the summer, she interned at a law office that focused on assisting immigrant minority business owners in commercial litigation throughout the Bronx. Now she will be joining our RAP intern team this summer. She is grateful for this opportunity which will allow her to learn more about the social justice field and the practice of public policy on the behalf of inner city kids – just like herself!